Friday, May 18, 2018

Things That you Shouldn't Pack on the Big Move

Moving into a new house or apartment? You have everything that you need to start packing. You have your boxes, tape, and brawn. Now you are ready to start shipping supplies to your new place, right? Not so fast. There are a few things that you shouldn't pack up with you. There are particular treasures and some things even hazardous to take on your journey.

Here are a few things not to pack moving in your new home:

1. Anything valuable: These are things like money, very expensive jewelry, titles, deeds, and keepsakes. These are things that you would need to keep on your person at all times or locked away in a safe deposit box in the bank.

2. Things that can combust: Things such as hair sprays, spray paint cans, kerosene, or gasoline. If you are transporting these things you need to handle them with care or find a safe way to dispose of them. A local fire station can help you.

3. Things liable to rot: If you do not know the expiration date; you should get rid of them before they rot. An easy way is to give it to someone in need. There are a lot of unfortunate people who will be very thankful for the blessing.

4. Plants and flowers: If you didn't know; there are some states that do not allow you to transport them. With that said, moving companies will not be able to assist you. If you are moving locally, ask the moving company can they move it in a timely manner. If they cannot, you might want to consider moving them yourself. Plants and flowers can't go without sunlight and water for too long.

5. Soaps and polishes: If these items are not worth keeping, contact the water or fire department for the proper disposal.

6. Medications and prescriptions: The best thing to do is to get your medications and prescriptions shipped to your new address. In addition, if you have medications for your pets you might want to get these transported as well. You need them for your health and do not want to get them to get into the wrong hands.

7. Anything volatile: Guns, firearms, fireworks are very much dangerous. Keep these on your person or in a small safe when shipping supplies. Keep these away from your children. Children are the most eager learners but this is something that you wouldn't want them to be eager about.

8. Family: Now I know that you won't pack you family in a box. Children, the elderly, special needs individuals, and pets need a safe, cool, environment away from all of the commotion. Please make sure that you make arrangements for these people and know where the individuals are going during the big move.

In conclusion, make sure that any personals are by your side during the move. Make a personal bag or suitcase for each individual. These items inside should provide them until the move is successfully finished.

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